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A year ago I had no purpose, no idea what I was going to try next, no idea how I was going to get out of poverty. If you had told me a year ago that today I would be excited about neurological socks and insoles I would have told you to commit me! Now I have a purpose and a rewarding career helping people of all ages, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of health issues. One day! Thanks for this piece.

I am amazed by how he can make the most mystical ideas so concrete and practical. Four years ago my wife and I moved to the small town where she grew up in the north east of Brazil. We came for many reasons, not least of which was to support her elderly parents. I retired from high school math teaching to follow my passion of sculpture. I make welded metal and wire figurative sculptures. However, after moving here it quickly became apparent to me that you never really leave teaching.

I have given free drawing, math and English lessons and now want to start a foundation that develops and mentors independent learning. Although people live in humble circumstances there is free WiFi and pretty much everyone has a smart phone.

Nonetheless very few locals use this technology for educational purposes. This will be the goal of the foundation.

How to Narrate Your Life Story

What steps can I take every day? On the sculpture front I have developed much better work habits. I took a while to get out the hammock it is a tough life in the tropics and start seeing my art as a job, rather than a hobby turning pro…. The strategy that worked for me was my little black book.

I record the time I go to my workshop and the time I return religiously. Not because of some sort literal belief in the number but because it is the clearest measure of how much I worked each day. Their are no distractions in my workshop so this really does keep me honest.

2. Just start writing

For the foundation I need to write. Before any fund raising can take place I need to be able to explain my ideas in the clearest possible terms. A daily writing habit — a blog maybe? I know what Pressfield would tell me to do! Anyway thanks for the great post and all the other fascinating interviews and inspirational videos. Marie, thank you so much for this! Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a writer.

But I know why I want to write it, as it is about my struggle with anxiety and a impulse control disorder I managed to overcome later in life. Thank you always for the inspiration. Your podcasts and emails help me so much in staying focused, even when that big voice of self doubt gets in the way. Question, do you have an episode or workshop on how to launch a book idea? Thanks so much for your kind words, Charina! Thank you Hailey! Thanks for this book recommendation, Marie! Looking forward to looking into this one though! To answer your 2 questions: 1. What started as a summer break I was hopeful to relaunch everything by this month has turned into a longer project.

To take my time and not have a deadline that will actually rush me instead of allowing me to do my best work with this. Have faith that I will be able to show up in my most authentic self no matter what it is. Really focus on my message above the scale of posts or content I create.

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And all in all, have patience. Doing the work. Showing up and letting what I create speak more than me. Love me some Steven Pressfield! His writing style is one of my favorites!!!

Guided Autobiography: Writing to Discover Your Life’s Patterns

Was the longest labor I was ever in!!! I also composed and recorded a companion album of original songs one song per chapter! Stay tuned!!! Wow, Sheira! Love Mr. What a great kick in the butt! Thank you Marie. So timely for me! Spirit has given me the title but not the full content — and I was holding off until I had it and it was perfect.

The barrier of perfection! No more! Yesterday, I contacted my web designer to start creating my new logo and website. I trust that the information will flow when it needs to. Thank you again for sharing your truth today. Love this. Awesome, Lisa!

Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? FREE First Chapter and Bonus – God's Transforming Grace

Oh my!! I bought two copies of this book, one for me and for a dear friend who has been singing my praises to people that have helped me grow my business in 5 short months. He and I are going to reach this together and dive in to do the work, show up, and to put our ass where our heart is!! For years I have been asking and polling and seeking and doubting and wishing and comparing and waiting… you can see why that has been exhausting. I am excited to roll out my new platform in the middle of December; and 2 I am moving that work ahead by putting these new ideas into action every single day!

Guided Autobiography: Writing to Discover Your Life’s Patterns

I am having a blast!! It has been so much fun these last few months doing what feels right in my heart and it is working! So, here I am, as an artist, discovering as I go and no longer being afraid to trust myself to know the way and to try it out as soon as I can. When I am aligned with my values and myself, there is never a mistake because it always came from a place of love and trust and authenticity.

Thank you for this inspiration!

I send you well wishes for your growing company! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. After making my way from New York to San Francisco, circumstance swept in and, within 24 hours of being on the west coast for the first time , I had nowhere to live. Keeping my cool and remaining open to whatever was meant to come next landed me in SoCal, Venice, one week ago today. He gave me a [very] small budget and asked me to prepare something for the following week this Thursday. He also asked for my website, social media, credentials, etc.

My experience is just that: experiential. Not only that, I also started setting up an IG for my acorn-of-a-brand only to feel the excitement and momentum of doing what I love — cooking for people — start to fade. It was replaced with feelings of inadequacy and compare shlager. Instead, I need to do the things! Experiment in the kitchen, get messy, make new things, use new ingredients, flavors and textures. Cook for people!

Congratulations on taking some exciting next steps toward your dreams. Thank you Marie, I love this discovering rather than expressing. I just came back from CTI coaching seminar, it was the last out of 5. I get to create my BIO for my website to come.

Life Events

Being the author of my life is very empowering and ah so exciting!!! In the same ball pin mind you but in many different directions. My legs are tired. Now I need to own it. Thank you for this!! I was so excited to see that Steven Pressfield has a new book out! I bought the audiobook this morning and have already listened to it once and am listening again. He never fails to inspire me! It helps motivate me to action more than anything else.

I also do a short mindful meditation, and it works wonders on my outlook throughout the day. Awesome, Rebecca!