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The original work was edited by Peter Lange in Germany Newly added to the Logos Bible Software edition — but left out of more recent reprints — is the original fifteenth volume covering the Apocrypha of the Old Testament. Read the interesting story of how we discovered Lange's Long Lost Volume!

This commentary series appears on recommended book lists to this day e. The Logos edition will offer all the benefits of searching, copy-and-pasting, linked Bible references, and synchronous scrolling with whatever Bible you may own. Driver , J. Skinner , A. Plummer , F. Farrar , H. Moule , and W.

With nearly 15, pages, these books are easily searchable in digital format, and the commentaries will appear in Passage Guide results. Hebrew and Greek word studies can be performed with the click of a mouse, and Scripture references can be accessed instantaneously with a mouse-over. Calvin preached and wrote prolifically on the Bible. His commentaries display a rare combination of exegetical insight, pastoral concern, and theological depth which have inspired generations of Christians.

Calvin wrote commentaries on most books of the Bible, and is best known for his commentaries on the Pauline epistles, his harmony of the Gospels, and his 5-volume work on the Psalms—all included in this massive collection. For every chapter of the Bible, the commentary contains a section on preaching themes, which are organized topically, conceptually, and chronologically. Significant theological themes are also outlined for each section of the Bible, and homiletic notes are provided. The authors have also solicited and summarized commentary from a wide range of contributors to Biblical, historical, and theological scholarship, drawing from the collective wisdom of those who understand that good preaching has its origin in Biblical study.

This work ranks among the few Bible commentaries that remain practical and accessible without compromising scholarship, making it an integral part of sermon planning and preparation. From familiar authors such as A. Gaebelein , H.

Redeeming the Ideas of Headship and Submission

Swete , and A. This collection contains a wide array of studies on the parables of the Bible, including resources for teaching the parables to youth, sermon structures for teaching the parables, Greek and Hebrew exegesis of Old Testament parables, and personal devotional application from the lessons of the parables. The Logos edition of this collection gets you access to much more. Each volume is completely searchable, allowing you to find every study on any specific parable, or find every parable on a specific topic.

Published in the s, it is still well-loved and well-read by evangelicals who appreciate Barnes' pastoral insights into the Scripture. It is not a technical work, but provides informative observations on the text, intended to be helpful to those teaching Sunday School. Today, it is ideally suited to anyone teaching or preaching the Word of God, whether a professional minister or layperson.

Published originally in for the benefit of younger pastors seeking practical improvement at the task of sermon creation, Horae Homileticae reflects the rich source of Biblical understanding of its author, a towering figure in the history of evangelical theology. Rather, they are a chapter-by-chapter study with explanations of the most important and instructive verses in each chapter. His test for a sermon, as he teaches in Horae Homileticae , is threefold: does it humble the sinner, exalt the Savior and promote holiness?

I have a great jealousy on this head; never to speak more or less than I believe to be the mind of the Spirit in the passage I am expounding. Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer, a German Protestant with a gift for languages, published the first commentary in this collection in at the age of thirty-two. It would be a lifelong project, one he worked on concurrently with a busy pastorate and raising a family. Known to have an encyclopedic memory and an appetite for buying books, it was not uncommon for Meyer to be reading his contemporaries in his native German, but also in English, Dutch, and French—languages that came as natural to him as Greek, Latin, and even Gothic.

For over forty years Meyer balanced working on new additions to the commentary collection while also updating those already published with multiple, serious revisions. Before passing the baton to a few of his trusted peers to finish the NT, Meyer had completed sixteen volumes.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Genesis, by H. Beam Piper

Each book of the Bible is amply introduced, including biographical information about the authors, authorship controversies, information about the times of its composition, its intended audience, and more. Each volume focuses on the Greek text, and Meyer uses and discusses an abundance of sources and authors to illustrate meaning derived from the text. Meyer also likes to include important bibliographic material which was integral to his studies and research.

Meyer's scholarship was lauded across denominational lines, and the English translations of his works were highly anticipated. With the Logos Bible Software edition, you have instant access to all twenty-one volumes of this important commentary series along with a wealth of dictionaries, lexicons, and language reference tools. All Scripture passages are linked directly to the original language texts and English translations, and double-clicking any Greek word automatically opens a lexicon to help you decipher its meaning and understand its context.

Each volume contains a selected New Testament book in Greek, followed by a detailed and insightful commentary. These commentaries include outlines, verse-by-verse interpretation, historical facts, doctrinal discussions, word studies, and more. Written in an easy-to-understand style but still rich with biblical exegesis, this collection is perfect for anyone studying the New Testament in the Greek language.

A remarkable set of commentaries, this collection features well known scholars from the late 19th and early 20th centuries such as Alfred Plummer, Handley C. Moule, and Arthur Carr.

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Their recognized authority on biblical Greek leads readers to a fuller understanding of the Scriptures. Each volume also includes an in-depth introduction to the text, providing the reader with a complete overview and history of each Book of the New Testament—their authorship, their canonicity, where and why they were written, their literary history, and more. Some time ago a Logos employee discovered an old volume in a used bookshop, and, finding it useful, brought it to work to share with others.

Common to most of the volumes is a running set of notes, sometimes keyed to the verse but more often to a Greek word or phrase. This introductory material is quite voluminous. The page count in roman numerals is roughly equal to the page count of the actual commentary, rising over pages in some volumes Swete and Lightfoot, particularly. Valuable notes on the Greek text are provided, while introductory and background matter is omitted. His thoroughly Christ-centered view of Scripture comes through clearly in his extensive nine vol.

According to Joel R. Much more than a dictionary, this work provides encyclopedic and theological treatment on all the words in the Bible. The Church Pulpit Commentary includes work by various important members of the church such as Thomas Arnold who was a supporter of the Broad Anglican Church Movement, English theologian and socialist Rev.

The 12 volumes included in The Church Pulpit Commentary include short essays which cover one verse, sometimes two, at a time that the authors view as important and relevant.

By utilizing the Logos edition of the 12 Volume set, you are able to access a complete commentary on the entire Bible in one location. At the beginning of each chapter is a reference guide so you can find the ideal sermon illustration for your next sermon. Additionally, with the Logos Bible Software Edition, you can search each volume of the text for that perfect illustration on the text or topic you are preaching on. Augustine , Tertullian , St. Jerome , Origen , and more.

In addition to Alford's Greek text, this massive work includes detailed grammatical, literary, lexical, and textual analysis of nearly every Greek word in the New Testament, along with comprehensive linguistic and idiomatic notes. The Greek Testament represents an epochal shift in New Testament exegesis.