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So, I will say, though, that Australia is doing very well. If we do end up doing a deal, Australia will do even better. And we were discussing that. But Australia will be one of the big beneficiaries of a deal. And, in the meantime, as you know, I did tariff relief, with respect to a certain product in particular coming out of Australia. This has been a truly great ally and we work very well together. But your numbers are absolutely fantastic. Your economy is strong like ours.

Europe is not doing well. Asia is not doing — large parts of Asia are not doing well. China is not doing well. President, Australia was in its 29th year of consecutive economic growth, which is an extraordinary national achievement.

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And we will continue to grow as our most recent national accounts demonstrated. Australia is also very used to dealing with a complex and changing world. I mean, six years ago, when our government came to office, 27 percent of our trade was covered by agreements around the world. I mean, Australia has never got rich selling things to itself. You know, this is where jobs are going to be in the future, as well.

And so we will deal with those ebbs and flows as they come. So we look on with interest. They do minerals. They have incredible wealth in minerals and coal and other things. And they are really at the leading edge of coal technology.

And things that would happen to — because it was very dangerous years ago, and very bad for a lot of people. I looked at your statistics the other day and coal miners are very, very safe in Australia. But so —. And then secondly, you announced new sanctions on Iran.

Secretary Mnuchin said that this affects the last available funds for that regime.

Have we now exhausted sanctions in regards to Iran? We are at a level of sanction that is far greater than ever before with respect to Iran. Today, we did Central Bank, as you know. And I think they have a lot of self-made problems. We are, by far, the strongest military in the world. Going into Iran would be a very easy decision. The easiest thing. Most people thought I would go in within two seconds, but plenty of time.

Plenty of time. In the meantime, they have a lot of problems within Iran. Iran could be a great country, could be a rich country. But they are choosing to go a different way. I think we can say that there has never been anybody that has done better than you and I as a combination. Speed is a very important thing, I find, with hostages. We had 25 people over on Saturday night. And it was a beautiful thing. It was a beautiful thing. The First Lady and I, it was very — you know, it was very touching and really very beautiful.

We talked about Otto. And I will tell you that people should have moved faster. And Robert and I were talking about that. Should have moved faster. He was there for a long time. You got to move fast.

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With hostages, you have to move fast. All of a sudden, it gets very hard for the other side to do anything. In the case of Otto, it was very late. We got him home, but he was in horrible, horrible condition.

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What happened to him was actually incredible and just horrible. But you have to move fast. Robert and I have been really successful. And the reason I know him so well — I actually work hard on hostages, I think he would say. These a great — I guess, in almost all cases — American lives. And we help other people, also. But these are great people. And we get them home. We got them home from North Korea, as you know.

And we got them home from a lot of different locations. Egypt — we got them home. We got them home from many different locations.

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And we got a hostage home. Our great pastor, who everyone in this room knows and loves. And he was here — I can tell you this — he started about 12 minutes after he was chosen. He sat in with us. But we win.

Nobody can beat us, militarily. Nobody can even come close. All made in the USA, by the way. Our nuclear was getting very tired.