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Export markets enable countries to profit from their natural and human endowments. In both cases, workers have a greater opportunity to move up the value chain by earning, spending and saving more. However, without a globally level playing field, market opening can just as easily disenfranchise domestic producers and threaten the jobs they sustain.

Markets continue to be regulated by governments, which have national priorities and must respond to domestic pressures. Even as cross-border markets have deepened on many fronts, governments continue to use product standards, health and safety regulations, tax policies and currency intervention to provide preferential treatment to their own citizens and companies.

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The result is that the winners and losers from globalization are not necessarily determined by their skill and national endowments. And there appears to be a growing divergence of opportunity between those — such as bankers and asset managers — who direct global flows of goods, services and capital and those who are the objects of this globalization.

Critics argue that the first group gets steadily richer in an open global economy, while the second group — from the blue-collar and office workers of multinational companies to waiters, carers and taxi-drivers — sees incomes stagnate.

A second major contradiction in the modern global economy concerns the simultaneously empowering and disrupting effects of technological progress. Technology can raise productivity and make expensive goods and services cheaper, thus helping economies to grow and generate wealth. But it can also disrupt traditional forms of manufacturing or service provision. The question is whether technological disruption principally releases labour into alternative forms of employment that are more productive and remunerative.

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If so, the overall income in an economy will rise. Yet technology can also open a divide between those at the top, who are technologically integrated and well paid, and those at the bottom of the economic ladder, stuck in low-income service provision. Continuing advances in computing power also create the prospect that many of the technologically literate — even those programming the new internet of things — will be disenfranchised by self-learning machines or artificial intelligence. Even as governments struggle with the impacts of globalization on their societies, many of those societies are ageing structurally.

Emerging economies, from Mexico to China, are also undergoing a transition from youthful to ageing societies.

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