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An autumnal evening event set deep in the dark woods of an Angus country park is to raise funds for a national tree charity while enthralling visitors with its high-tech adventure show. DragonQuest, a theatrical, mystery spectacular within Monikie Country Park, has been bringing the woods to life as the darker evenings close in. Ever fancied yourself as a dragon hunter? With less than a month until DragonQuest opens, a team of Dundee animators are putting the finishing touches on the mythical creatures which will soon inhabit Monikie woods.

Thursday 20 August Evening Telegraph. DragonQuest is a theatrical night time spectacle featuring light shows, illusions and all sorts of mythical and magical creatures. From Bolerium Books Inc.

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Terms of Sale: All books in very good condition or better unless noted. More Information. Shipping Terms: Orders are securely packed and usually ship within 2 business days. Add to Wants. At least they can be repaired if at least one of them stays inflated, but are always re-inflated to understandably a smaller size and develop warts from all the ruptures and repairs. Shouldn't warts be enough of a threat to their vanity to keep them from over-bloating? Whether these inflatable oddities are actually made of rubber or some kind of bizarre rubbery protoplasm remains unknown.

These subterranean garden gnomes technically hoard their gems nine thousand feet under the land of Ev, but close enough. When they aren't taking someone prisoner in the cavernous depths, they're conspiring with some equally unsavory creatures to conquer the Emerald City.

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They have no shortage of stone prisons in which to stash their captives. Maybe it's all those rocks they eat that make them so grouchy. Nomes are also more stubborn than granite. After King Ruggedo falls in a failed Oz takeover and the Water of Oblivion from the Forbidden Fountain makes him forget how evil he is, his unshakeable greed and malice get him up to the same shenanigans all over again until he needs another drink. No, not Orcs.

The Forest Monster of Oz by Chris Dulabone and Robert J. Evans

These freakish marine flying machines that are neither bird nor fish are actually called Orks. It only looks like some sort of mutated bird that ended up on the wrong side of a nuclear power plant until you realize it has no feathers except for a blaze of red plumes on its head. You can't really be blamed for thinking this four-legged, four-winged thing is a bird because of its parrot head and propeller tail. Flipper the Ork becomes an airborne ride for shipwrecked strangers Trot and Cap'n Bill when they wash up on the shores of Mo.

Like every other non-human creature in Oz, it talks.

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What exactly is a Woggle-Bug? In what genus and species would you classify something that looks like a beetle with squiggled antennae and a pair of spectacles? Is its scientific name Wogglus Buggus? Professor Woggle-Bug would know since he's Highly Magnified and Thoroughly Educated if you count hanging out on the wall of a schoolhouse for several years as higher education. Ever since he crawled out of a projector magnified several hundred times, he obviously thinks his brain has also grown enough to manufacture impossible things in pill form.

Try School Pills or Square Meals, which make studying and eating obsolete. It isn't a horse, and it doesn't even have much of a resemblance to a horse except for some crudely fashioned eyes and ears. Despite its apparent setbacks, this surprisingly agile wooden animal which should have never been alive can outrun an actual horse, which will inevitably skulk in the shadows feeling really bitter that it was just beat by something that used to be an inanimate object.

The saw-horse has an advantage over your average equine specimen because it never tires and doesn't need to refuel. This was another one of Ozma's creatures that she brought into being with the Powder of Life before she found out she was queen of Oz.

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The last place you want to find yourself stuck in when you're traversing a dangerous fairyland is a kingdom of creatures with removable heads who also have an appetite for throwing you into a soup kettle. It doesn't help when said creatures look as nightmarish as their intent. The Scoodlers are split between a rainbow eyesore of clashing colors and have comically exaggerated features, limbs that can bend in either direction and creepy faces on both sides of their detachable heads. When a cranium can detach at will, you have to wonder if its owner has brains.

Seems half the inhabitants of Oz are lacking in gray matter. From far away, it could be a dog. Except it's blue. And … square. Its eyes can shoot shocking blasts of flames if you say the one word that makes it angry because it just can't understand what 'Krizzle-Kroo' means. The irony is that the Woozy doesn't realize its stare is more fearsome than its roar, which is hardly more terrifying than a kitten purring.

“The Wonder Behind the Wizard of OZ”

The hairs on its tail are also essential to a powerful magical charm that can reanimate people after they've been turned to marble. Like all magic in Oz that isn't performed by fairies, Glinda or the Wizard, this charm is illegal, but it doesn't really matter when pulling out those hairs is impossible. When you have absolutely nothing threatening about you except limbs with wheels and the slightly disturbing ability to roll on all fours, you scare away intruders by spreading rumors that you're the most menacing thing next to a Kalidah. The Wheelers don't have dark magic or dagger teeth.

Nobody seems to know that they actually have no power besides acting like bogeymen on rollerblades.

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Dragons lurk in every fantasy epic that has ever existed, but what makes Quox quirky is the way Baum imagined him: saucer eyes, a crocodile grin and an enchanted necklace of pink ribbon and pearls.