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Bizarro Fiction is a contemporary literary genre known for high weirdness. As the print media equivalent of the cult film, bizarro fiction strives to be not only strange but also thought-provoking and fun to read.

Lauren Weisberger

Despite reveling in its weird, often surreal, elements, bizarro fiction has more in common with speculative fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, and horror than the avant-garde literary movements such as Dadaism or Surrealism with which it is often associated. Most Bizarro fiction takes place in a dreamlike alternate reality where the unexpected, unpredictable, unfathomable, or plain horrifying is commonplace.

Although the genre-denying Bizarro authors are often underground outsiders in the literary world, they have gained respect in the publishing world, garnering praise from a number of major authors.

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Here's this article that lists five common components of the genre, and this interview on Rose O'keefe about what bizarro is and isn't, and now a Booked Podcast episode! A quick read, almost like watching a movie, this book is really just good fun. Harlan Wilson. Professor Wilson is an interesting fellow.

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Blankety Blank is about Mr. Blankety Blank, a serial killer with a barbershop pole for a head. Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys opens with a preface, an introduction, a foreword, the main story, and then an afterward, each written by five different authors.

Searching for Andrzej Bursa part 3

Talk about post-everything. But the story itself is a Jordan Krall original. House of Houses by Kevin L.

In House of Houses , Carlos gets married to his house, Helen. Problem is, the very next day, something happens and there is a terrible house apocalypse. All the houses of the world collapse and go to a place called House Heaven. House Heaven, as you can probably imagine, is only for houses, but Carlos is determined to get Helen back, no matter what. The Obese by Nick Antosca. And that cover art!

The Sorrow King by Andersen Prunty. For the horror fiends, The Sorrow King is something like the classic boy meets girl story but with a strange Bizarro twist.

| Jeff Burk - Bizarro Author and Editor

Prunty also manages to offer some of the most convincing portrayals of teenagers, ever. Bizarro action! Wow, talk about getting excited. Well, this is an homage to that kind of horrible movie logic.