Manual Services and Metropolitan Development: International Perspectives

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Activity transversal to the Community of Competence on Metropolisation and to the Community of Competence Tomorrow's Habitat A city for all made by all! Today, global development is linked to the development of cities. By actively participating in the growth of contemporary society, cities, local governments and their economic partners, are major agents of social change, locally and globally. Nowadays, urban development is a relentless process due to the continuous search of performing territories worldwide. The multiple interactions of actors, geographical scales and functions draw the components of a living, productive and cultural space that goes beyond the administrative limits - the metropolitan area.

However, this concentration of economic, political and social activities, creating wealth, and economic and cultural influence is also the root of a worsening of social segregation, exclusion and relegation. They are growing to the point of challenging the "social contract" by the juxtaposition of "societies" who oppose or who often prefer to ignore each other.

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One response to this crisis is embodied in the "city policies", ie public policy of social and territorial solidarity. However, while the framework of "urban policies" remains the one of urbanity, what emerges today with increasing force are issues that concern the relationship between urban and rural areas.

These issues are raised in a particular way in the suburban area that, according to the definition given by Eric Charmes: " But at the same time it keeps its own identity, something quite close to the order of the rural". Those territories between rural and urban dimension are struggling to find their place in the process of metropolisation.

It shows a gradual withdrawal of public services and favorable conditions for the development of social relations and activities. We are witnessing a decline in the "Republican conquest of territory"; territorial solidarity being undermined by the concentration of development and services in the most efficient territories as the metropolitan heart, to the detriment of its periphery.

Services and Metropolitan Development: International Perspectives

So we see in these suburban areas different forms of breaks, bursts: a gradual creation of the "scattered city": a political fragmentation, the landscape fragmentation and the social and economic disintegration. The right to the city put into question How the challenges of urban surrounding areas, in this "scattered city", put into question the notion of the "right to the city", contents and representation being different from the citizens' point of view of rural and suburban areas?

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Which voice for the inhabitants How to build the conditions for the involvement, reappropriation and citizen participation within the context of the "scattered city"? Which solidarity among territories How to build solidarity between territories, encourage local practices by offering integrated services and infrastructures made by the municipalities and their communities?

How to foster the partnerships among communities when their peculiarities and their ways to relate to the metropolitan poles are so different? As regards this activity all CCmembers are invited to contribute. Visit the dedicated website vaulx For more information please contact the Secretariat to be part of the debate! Nowadays, the demand for mobility is booming and the global context seems to call for the development of efficient public transport systems.

Services and Metropolitan Development: International Perspectives

The International Round Table in Lisbon from September 19 to 21 has addressed the issue of mobility, particularly its connection with the creation of a dynamic of economic revival by favouring a supply of tourist and residential services by augmented mobility. The city of Lisbon is the ideal place for this meeting because, despite the economic crisis, the municipality has a technical excellence in this field and the ability to be a centre of expertise, an inspiration source at the national and international level.

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The mission also has the goal to bring innovation to the mobility sector through experimental projects and a better planning of public and private interventions in Lisbon's public space. The debate has focused on three themes and a half-day of technical visits. The first discussion was about the sharing of the mobility space, the public space financing, and the effects on the everyday life and tourism.

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Following, the round table talked about the touristic mobility organization, which modes of displacement and parking to choose and its integration in a coherent system, and the acceptable threshold of tourist flows. Finally, the themes of augmented mobility and tourist routes were addressed. The technical visits were 5 different routes where participants could test different modes of transport and enjoy being a tourist in the City. Working groups were organised afterwards to highlight the difficulties and challenges to overcome to get public spaces and mobility more tourist-friendly without being at the expense of the inhabitants and daily users of the City of Lisbon.

Check the picture gallery out! The expected impacts of the Olmos on the northern Peruvian shore hydraulic energy project show the need for a large territorial planning operation to receive a significant amount of rural workers. By Peter J. By Antoine Bailly, Denis Maillat. By William B. By David F. Ley, Thomas A. By Pieter P. By Barney Warf. By Mitchell L. Moss, Joanne G. By Thierry Noyelle, Penny Peace. By P-Y.