Guide Restructuring for Corporate Success: A Socially Sensitive Approach

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Thus, restructuring measures are very challenging projects and are perceived as very significant, internally as well as externally.

We support numerous renowned companies in focusing on their core business, working with proven methods and reference models. Value orientation and sustainability are two cornerstones we build on.

In order to become a driver for your success, we offer a wide range of services. This comprises, for example, a comprehensive turnaround management including analyses of the market and financial key figures and the definition of the ambition level.

Furthermore, it comprises a professional cost management for optimizing material and personnel costs and, last but not least, an implementation management which contributes to ensuring sustainability, for example by tracking the applied measures and main key figures. For more information please click here.

For more references please click here. Due to the increasing competitive pressure and the high volatility in the money and capital markets, many financial services providers revert to focusing more on their core business. This way, they profit from cost advantages of specialized providers and keep one part of their costs flexible, while reducing the complexity of their own business model at the same time.

Hence, it is indeed possible to profit from delegating. However, sourcing also involves a number of challenges: for example, an institution-specific definition of the appropriate degree of vertical integration is important, especially with regard to back office, administrative and central support functions. When outsourcing services to external providers, it is important to find the right provider and to manage it effectively.

Moreover, service providers have to meet the growing expectations towards the range and quality of their service offer while also keeping sight of the efficiency of their service provision. We support the transfer of services to already existing external providers as well as the foundation of required service providers and shared service centers. In addition, we operationalize the cooperation between credit institutions. You as a financial services provider can profit from our expertise.

The Day After | Ch 6. Economic Restructuring and Social Policy

Let zeb provide you with strong support for the optimization of your operational and sales excellence. The road to success is never easy.

And in the financial services sector, it is particularly complex, because nowadays, an outstanding business development depends on a multitude of factors. Financial services providers have to adapt continuously: to new regulatory frameworks, changing customer needs, the dynamic competitive environment and the increasing volatility of economic cycles. The performance of your business model depends decisively on the efficiency and flexibility of the underlying operating models. As a competent partner, zeb supports you with teams of experienced consultants throughout the process of developing and carrying out an operational excellence program.

We align your service offer based on value-adding activities, develop sustainably efficient processes and work flows and establish a process management that is oriented towards quality and efficiency. The service portfolio of zeb offers you a balanced combination of lean management, program management, quality management and quality assurance as well as team excellence measures and redesigning of business processes. We at zeb work with passion and motivation to pave your road to success with noticeable improvements.

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In fact, most banks still work with out-dated and complex IT systems. These are cost-intensive and cannot fully cope with the challenges of modern banking. Thus, more and more financial services providers intend to replace these systems and establish modern IT standards.

This enables them to profit from economies of scale and an enhanced performance. However, the selection and subsequent implementation of suitable software is a complex undertaking that should be prepared carefully and implemented systematically. Notes Includes bibliography and index. Keywords Corporate reorganisations Organizational change. Related Works Catalogue Record Add Title to Basket Catalogue Record Branch Status Due Date Res.

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United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 1. Technology and innovation report fostering innovation policies for industrial development 1 2. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 2. World investment report - investment and new industrial policies: key messages and overview 2 3. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 4. World investment report investment and new industrial policies 4. The Bibliographic Details section shows the catalogue record. By clicking on a hyperlinked term such as Subjects, Series, Authors, Corporate Authors and Classifications you can search for more Titles related to that term.

They stress the requirement to maintain the day-to-day business while navigating the process of change. You can change the operating model of your large organization. The principles are the same whether you are working with fifty people or 20, people. Your first action is to find a management consultant who follows the process model.

Ask them how they work. Compare the response to the ideas in this article. The benefit of a process method is an operating model that delivers the technical requirements of your organization using a social process that enables efficient and effective implementation. People will support what they help create. Through process, leadership can create an environment where people can self-empower to define and bring to life a new operating model.

These are the key messages from this business case of successful transformation. Topics: Strategic planning. SME Strategy is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations with their strategic planning process.

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We work with teams to facilitate conversations about strategic direction and business strategy so that our clients can focus their energy on what will move them forward faster. Strategic Planning and Management Insights. Leadership Lessons from a Successful Restructuring The following case study insights are taken from a medium-sized organization numbering over 1, employees.

Leadership — Leadership enables or disables collaborative change. Top leadership must be engaged and committed to a process that it cannot overly control or predetermine the outcomes. Sustaining this commitment requires support.

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The change leader must develop good rapport among members of the top leadership team, board members, and other organizational leaders who strongly influence organizational support for change. Phased Process — Process that involves increasingly large members of the organization serves to expand awareness, understanding, acceptance, and commitment to change. By remaining involved and visible in each phase, leaders can assess the climate of the change effort, pushing and supporting where needed and standing back when other leaders are standing forward.

Sweat the Details — Detailed planning is the link between a design concept and implementation.