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It's great the way the author keeps you in touch with the assorted cast of characters woven throughout this series. If you are new to the series, I recommend that you go back and start from the beginning with Naked in Death and work your way forward. You won't be disappointed! As usual the author and Narrator, J.

Robb and Susan Ericksen Bring it to the newest book. It was sad, funny, quirky and as usual Miss Robb or Roberts delivers all the characters we have all become so familiar and have fallen in love with. What I particularly liked about "Promises" is how Eve has accepted of who she has become in life and does not harp on her past as a child. I'll admit, I was becoming tired of that. There are some real fun parts you will enjoy I do have to recommend to new readers to this series to start from the beginning because if you read this series out of order you will be a little disconnected with the characters and references of past cases.

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This book in particular. So enjoy, you will not be disappointed When I saw that J. Robb had a new book coming out I could not wait.

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I saved a credit specifically to get this book. I am ashamed to say, I cannot get enough of the Death Series. I love all the characters and how their lives evolve. I am happy Nora is giving all the characters a chance to be the focus of the book. She still has quite a few left. I doubt I will ever get tired of this series. I wish she would come out with new ones sooner than she does.

Please do not let anyone narrate these books except Susan. She does a fantastic job. Before I bought the book I made sure, she was the narrator. She is a much a part of the series as the characters in the books. I love her consistency with the voices in every single book Susan Ericksen voices out for J. Robb series.

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I have been hooked since selecting the first book, Naked In Death, and have not been able to miss listening to every one in the series since then. This series in general has action, romance, unpredictability, all everything in between you think to expect. My favorite character has always been Moris. Sad to know he goes through so much in "Promise In Death", but I do like the relationship between him and Dallas.

I also Love his quotes! Thanks JD Robb for creating a world with your imagination and giving me a chance to get lost in it for a while. I have always enjoyed the In Death series. Truth be told I never read anything by Nora Roberts and was unaware that J. Robb was one of her pen names until I was hooked. This book is well written as usual and an excellent listen. That being said I have deeply enjoyed Susan Ericksen's wonderfully flexible narrating style.

She has done an excellent job giving the different characters within the story a unique voice; until this book I have appreciated the fact that she has never over done Roark's accent. It seem as though she has been playing around with her interpretation of several different characters in the last few books. My thought is leave perfection alone. Excellent Story line.

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I loved this book. I've listened to this whole series and Susan Erickson is the best narrator I've ever listened to. She has each character nailed perfectly. All you have to do is listen and you know which character she is portraying. I love this series and hope there's a lot more to come.

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I love how Eve continues to grow as a person and within her relationships with other people. Great plot I don't want to give anything away! I love the new slang and have used a few of them myself. I love how she does Roerks probably miss spelled voice. Sad how Morris loses his love before truelly found. If you haven't read or listened to a book in this series before you need to start with the first to get the most out of it. Would you listen to Promises in Death again?

Yes, of course I'd like to listen agan and have listened again-many times.

Promises In Death

What I like about this 'in death' book is that we learn more about Dr Morris, his past and see him away from the morgue, where he's usually seen. Who was your favorite character and why? Which character — as performed by Susan Ericksen — was your favorite?

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  • I enjoyed Dr Morris in this one, mainly because the story is his. Any additional comments? The 'in death' series is one of my favourites, so I recommend the series to all readers and audio listeners. It is interesting when an author writes better as her pseudonym that with her true name The In Death series has some books that are not so good, but what to expect of a series that has what?

    About 43, 44 books, counting the novellas Aug 31, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery. But, the good part of this book was that there was plenty of attention paid to all of the side-characters of the series that we have grown to know and love. So, cop-killer pursuit - meh. Plus, I figured out who the first bad-guy was as soon as we met, and the second bad-guy as soon as we knew there was another. Come on, man! Give me a challenge!! Dead cop's boyfriend story - touching and sad.

    He is a character that I have always liked. I know, let's kill the love of his life! Sinister authors with their emotional manipulation. Eve was actually not a bitch in this book and even treated her husband well enough for me to almost approve. I would treat him better. Of course, Peabody was the best part.

    I like drunk Peabody! Actually I like everyone when I'm drunk.

    Roarke taking a giant group of guys to Vegas - money.