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He nominated Judge Neil M. Gorsuch , a conservative judge, to the Supreme Court.

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He also brought evangelical Christian leader Jerry Falwell Jr. As mainstream media outlets covered how Trump was embracing evangelical politics, at The Conversation we strived to provide historical context to these developments, as the following six articles exemplify. The nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem are crucial for the fulfillment of this prophecy. This is part of a theology considered to be a literal reading of the Bible. However, Julie Ingersoll, religious studies professor at University of North Florida, explains that this theology is actually a relatively new interpretation that dates to the 19th century and relates to the work of Bible teacher John Nelson Darby.

Darby argued that the Jewish people needed to have control of Jerusalem and build a third Jewish temple on the site where the first and second temples were destroyed. This would be a precursor to the Battle of Armageddon, when Satan would be defeated and Christ would establish his earthly kingdom.

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A growing number of young people who have left evangelicalism point to end-times theology as a key component of the subculture they left. Evangelicals have for decades played a prominent role in American politics. Falwell Jr. It was his late father, Jerry Falwell Sr.

For Eisenhower, faith, patriotism and free enterprise were the fundamentals of a strong nation. The greatest increases since in the view that churches and other houses of worship should not express themselves on political matters have occurred among less-educated Republicans and people who say that social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage will be important to their vote.

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Another indication that disillusionment may be in play in increased opposition to the mixing of religion and politics is seen in the fact that this sentiment has increased most among people who rate the major parties as unfriendly toward religion. The views of citizens who see the parties as neutral or friendly toward religion have been more stable on the question of whether churches and other houses of worship should speak out on political issues.

In short, the change of mind about the role of religious institutions in politics is most apparent among people who are most concerned about the very issues that churches and other houses of worship have focused on, and among those who fault the parties for their friendliness toward religion. Changes in views about the role of churches in politics notwithstanding, many of the contours of American public opinion relating to broad questions of religion and politics remain largely unchanged. And while most say it is important for presidents to have strong religious beliefs, they are divided about whether there currently is too much, or too little, in the way of expressions of faith by contemporary political leaders.

Despite their increased reluctance to see religious institutions speaking out on politics, conservatives and Republicans continue to express very strong support for a religious president and relatively high levels of support for expressions of religious faith and prayer by political leaders.

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While some social conservatives are expressing changed views about religion and politics, there is little indication that they are changing their voting preferences: John McCain has about as large a lead over Barack Obama among conservatives and white evangelicals as George Bush did at this stage in the campaign four years ago. However, as has been the case since June, the current survey shows much more tepid support for McCain among white evangelical Protestants and conservatives generally than Bush enjoyed in August As was the case in previous presidential elections, the voting inclinations of Catholic voters — especially white non-Hispanic Catholics — remain fluid.

Four years ago at this time John Kerry held a slight edge over Bush among white non-Hispanic Catholics; but he lost that lead by the election.

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The survey was conducted by telephone — both landline phones and cell phones — from July Aug. The newest area of research in political science of religion is on the subject of religion and international relations. The political science of religion or politology of religion was established as an academic discipline in at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Belgrade , Serbia. In , Georgetown University established the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs as one of the first American university research centers devoted to issues surrounding the political science of religion. The journal Politics and Religion , produced by Cambridge Journals, published its first volume in The political science of religion is studied at almost all universities and political science departments in the United States. The American Political Science Association has a religion and politics section. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.