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    Zwiep, I. Hebrew linguistic tradition. Chapter 2. The overviews in the latest handbook [1] point down to earlier and more extensive work but the slightly outdated [2] has more details collected under one cover. See individual family entries for updates. A Khoesaan handbook edited by Vossen is long overdue its publishing date. Fleming p. Unassigned vocabularies can be found in [10] [11]. African Languages: An Introduction. Die Sprachen Afrikas.

    Preliminary observations on the oropom people of karamoja, their ethnic status, culture, and postulated relation to the peoples of the late stone age. Language obesolence in northwestern ethiopia: The case of k'emant, an obsolete language.

    • Palauan language.
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      Verlag J. East 36 A 17 Few languages of this group have been documented.

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      However Kera is one [26]. A grammar of East Dangla: the simple sentence. West 73 A 43 Without doubt, Hausa is the best documented language of all of Chadic [32]. Cushitic overview. A grammatical sketch of khamtanga. A descriptive outline of kemant. East 34 There are many interesting grammars [42] [43] [44]. Kuschitische Sprachstudien Kuschitische Sprachstudien 2. North 1 Certainly not the most readable description is [48], but it is quite extensive.

      A Grammatical Study of Beja. PhD thesis, London University. South 7 Everyone should read Tosco's Dahalo Sketch [50]. A Grammatical Sketch of Dahalo including texts and a glossary. Kuschitische Sprachstudien 8.