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1st Edition

Any permission to use the codes must be sought from the individual organizations directly. Biomedical engineering is a learned profession that combines expertise and responsibilities in engineering, science, technology, and medicine.

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Since public health and welfare are paramount considerations in each of these areas, biomedical engineers must uphold those principles of ethical conduct embodied in this Code in professional practice, research, patient care, and training. This Code reflects voluntary standards of professional and personal practice recommended for biomedical engineers.

Use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to enhance the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

Engineering Ethics: Crash Course Engineering #27

Strive by action, example, and influence to increase the competence, prestige, and honor of the biomedical engineering profession. Regard responsibility toward and rights of patients, including those of confidentiality and privacy, as their primary concern. Consider the larger consequences of their work in regard to cost, availability, and delivery of health care.

Comply fully with legal, ethical, institutional, governmental, and other applicable research guidelines, respecting the rights of and exercising the responsibilities to colleagues, human and animal subjects, and the scientific and general public. Honor the responsibility not only to train biomedical engineering students in proper professional conduct in performing research and publishing results, but also to model such conduct before them.

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These advances have increased lifespan, irradiated disease, created highly-targeted therapies for once intractable diseases, and improved quality of life for people around the world. However, these new technologies and biomedical engineering strategies also raise fundamental ethical issues.

Ethics for Biomedical Engineers

Scientific progress in this area will challenge our notions of personal identity, equitable distribution of health resources, the acceptability of eliminating a species to prevent disease transmission, the distinction between human treatment and enhancement, rights to genetic privacy and genetic non-discrimination, free will, standard methods of clinical and pre-clinical research, and much more.

It is essential that we consider the ethical ramifications of these developments and present warnings and policy recommendations before their inevitable arrival into mainstream life.

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