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  • CORBA in the New Millennium:.
  • Built-in MDG Technologies:.
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  • Building Trust Chains between CORBA Objects;
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It implies quite different approach to the security aspects, comparing to stand-alone application. And this book completely covers this aspect.

CORBA limitations – what’s changed?

It contains little source code, but in the security world the less you code the more you secure. One of minus is lack of. I would recommend this book to software architects, project managers and professionals working on enterprise systems integration. July 23, - Published on Amazon.

Up to now, this book is unique in its kind, as it really covers the security aspects of distributed applications as we see them more and more these days. The authors do not only cover very new technologies and standards from the domain of EJB and CORBA, they also make us aware of their integration with legacy systems and network security. I liked the way they try to pass their knowledge and experience to the reader. Despite the fact that it is written by three persons, the book is of a consistent style. An example application serves troughout the book to explain the coved topics.

Altough it is a small and simple application real world is tougher The book won't give you answers to all your question, but will certainly help to find your own. I recommend it reading from cover to cover, later chapters do refer to earlier ones.

Definitely a useful book! Java tools. Web dev tools. Email This.


Get thread feed. I am trying to determine what approach is best for our organization. I want to make an informed discussion. What are the differences between EJB and Corba? Which is easier to use? Is there a large difference is costs?

Which way is the market moving? A Login for User dialog displays. Enter a user name and password that correspond to a user set up on the Application Server with a group of user. Click OK. If the user name and password are authenticated, the client displays the following output:. If the username and password are not authenticated, the client displays the following error:.

Java EE Glassfish ProgrammaticLogin. “No LoginModules configured for default”

If you see this response, verify the user name and password of the user that you entered in the login dialog, make sure that user is assigned to the group user , and re-run the client application. This example demonstrates how to use the getCallerPrincipal and isCallerInRole String role methods with an enterprise bean.

This example starts with a very simple EJB application, converter , and modifies the methods of the ConverterBean so that currency conversion will only occur when the requester is in the role of BeanUser. This section builds on this example by adding the necessary elements to secure the application using the getCallerPrincipal and isCallerInRole String role methods, which are discussed in more detail in Accessing an Enterprise Bean Caller's Security Context.

In general, the following steps are necessary when using the getCallerPrincipal and isCallerInRole String role methods with an enterprise bean. If the user is not in the correct role, the result is 0. Secure connections, username-password login, and the mapping of application roles to Application Server groups and principals are specified in the runtime deployment descriptor file sun-ejb-jar. The original converter application that did not include any security mechanisms did not have a need for this file: it has been added specifically for this application.

To map the role of BeanUser that is defined for this application to the group with the name of user in the file realm of the Application Server, specify the security-role-mapping element as shown below. Make sure that the role-name and group-name elements are specified exactly as they are used the mapping is case-sensitive.

To specify username-password login and a secure connection, use the ior-security-config element. The following sun-ejb-jar. To build the secure converter enterprise beans and client, package and deploy the enterprise application, and run the client application, follow these steps:. Solution : Verify that the username and password that you entered for authentication match a user name and password in the Application Server, and that this user is assigned to the group named user.

User names and passwords are case-sensitive.

EJB Stateless Session Bean Example

The Duke's Bank application is an online banking application. Duke's Bank has two clients: an application client used by administrators to manage customers and accounts, and a web client used by customers to access account histories and perform transactions. The clients access the customer, account, and transaction information maintained in a database through enterprise beans. The Duke's Bank application demonstrates the way that many of the component technologies presented in this tutorial--enterprise beans, application clients, and web components--are applied to provide a simple but functional application.