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In addition, the University service is well placed to understand the HE context; the impact of organisational change and the pressures of academic life. The service covers a wide range of users whether you simply want to talk something through with someone who can be neutral and independent, or if you would like help with more severe problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

The Importance of Employee Counselling at Workplace

In addition to being able to provide support for a wide range of personal problems, the workplace service can offer specific support for workplace issues:. University of Bristol. Staff Counselling Service. Staff Counselling home contact us help.

Why counselling at workplace?

Workplace Counselling The Staff Counselling Service is available to assist with both personal and work related problems. There is an increasing awareness of the impact of individual factors on therapeutic work, both with clients and with their counsellors in supervision, but the influence of social contexts on this work has been less clearly articulated.

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This book provides counsellors with practical information about supervising specific types of clients and in specific organizational settings. Part One addresses four essential aspects of the individual - race, gender, disability and sexual orientation, exploring their influence on the therapeutic relationship and the supervision of trainee and experienced counsellors. Part Two assesses the impact of the organizations where counselling takes place - how different kinds of settings affect work with clients and thus the work of supervision.

By highlighting context as a potential source of difficulty for the client, the book encourages trainees and supervisors to look beyond the individual and avoid placing the burden of responsibility for problems upon the client. Something it does rather well A well-written, practical and informative publication This thought-provoking book reminds us how much the client's problem is outside their control, and how we as supervisors and counsellors may work with that' - Counselling.

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