Guide Common Edible & Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast

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A word about taxonomy.

As they are wont to do with all living things, scientists classify fungi: they place them in groups and give them names based on their physical characteristics. In a booklet of this scope, one need be concerned only with the categories genus and species. Take the dramatic, dangerous Destroying Angel as an example: it is assigned the scientific name Amanita virosa. This signifies that it belongs to genus Amanita from the Greek amanitai, a fungus , a related group of numerous attractive fungi, many of them poisonous; and gives it its own identity as the type or species A.

In some cases I added new findings or pertinent information that may have been left out of the original publication because of space constraints.

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I was fortunate to locate the original negatives for the photographs illustrating the different mushrooms. As of this writing, the negatives and mycological specimens are scheduled to be transferred to the U. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland. Lee O. Overholts, a professor in the botany department of Penn State, had taken the photographs mainly in the s. I want to particularly thank Herb Cole and Eva Pell, Penn State faculty members and administrators, for making it possible for us to reuse those excellent images.

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This handy in-the-field guide offers identification information for some 50 mushrooms that mushroom hunters are most likely to encounter in the wild: Parasol Mushroom, Delicious Lactarius, Sulphur Shelf, Giant Puffball. It also features detailed photographs illustrating the characteristics to look for when identifying mushrooms and natural history information--where they grow, when they appear, and the various forms they take. Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast.

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