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Rivers or Harris is the first hint that two realities may be unfolding simultaneously. Rivers both is and is not on the ship. Everything is fine, and everyone is dying, two equal possibilities held in uncertain balance.

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With the possibilities presented, the story can be one of hope, or one of despair. Wallace handles both subtly, leaving it up to the reader to choose their own meaning. Fannie Lou Mason, which closes out the collection. Walter knows the system is rigged against him. The next morning, he wakes to find the three-legged rat staring at him, and talking to him. The rat invites him to play white , telling Walter he has to acquiesce , and everything will be okay. Walter is justifiably freaked out and flees his apartment. Outside, looking ragged and disheveled from his harrowing experience, Walter sees a white woman trip.

When he tries to help her up, she screams and accuses him of trying to rob her. After finally convincing the police to let him go, without an apology of course, Walter returns home to find the rat waiting for him.

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The encounter works a kind of sympathetic magic, but not the best kind. Walter finds a job as a doorman, but as the rat implied with his invitation, it means giving in. Walter has to conform to the racist system, or let it tear him apart. It pulls no punches in pointing out the inequalities built into the system, as well as pointing out the privilege white people have in being blind to them. A Good Home , which appeared in the People of Colo u r Destroy Science Fiction issue of Lightspeed Magazine, is the story of a Tawn, a veteran who takes a decommissioned android designed for war into his home.

Mark, as the android is called, refuses to speak. A Good Home is a story about survivors, and about the casualties of conflict who must go on living every day in a world that no longer needs them, and would prefer not to see them as they are a reminder of the inconvenient truths of violence and war. Irene suffers from sleep paralysis. As a child, she wakes one night, helpless and unable to move, and sees the face of her neighbor, Mr.

Botello, at her window. He speaks to her of hunger before vanishing, leaving an eerie imprint of his face behind. In the morning, they learn that he murdered his wife and child before killing himself. As an adult, Irene sees a trailer for a movie called The Famine King while sitting in the bar where her friend Az works. At the library where Irene works, people come in droves to check out books on the wendigo and cannibalism, inspired by the movie.

In , the Fiddler brothers were famous, one for butchering his wife and children for meat, the other for strangling people he believed to be wendigos, starting with his wife. Irene herself repeatedly dreams of being strangled, and dreams of the ghost of Mr.

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The fascination with cannibalism spills over into the real world. A woman is attacked in a bus shelter, with the implication that the man who attacked her bit her ear. Irene starved her with a need for attention, for comfort, and literally through breastfeeding as a baby until her mother had nothing left for herself and died.

Hunger, devouring, and consumption echo throughout the story to chilling effect. The idea of sacrifice, willing and not, plays out in the story, as well. A cow has no choice about becoming meat, but what about a willing human?

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It looks to be an excellent collection, so please do check it out! In the meantime, please leave your own suggestions for fantastic work by women in the comments. Leave a Comment. Filed under Recommended Reading.

Tagged as chesya burke , darcie little badger , kalli wallace , karin lowachee , women to read. Hello, and welcome to ! I hope people will continue to read, enjoy, and discover new authors through this series and spread the word about their amazing work. Here we go! However Mr. Burbage — as Avery comes to refer to the alien — is curious about consciousness, and has formed a unique bond with Lionel, one that is killing him. The act of being conscious is burning him up, and soon he will progress to the final stage of his lifecycle, dissolving into distinct cells and soaking into the ground.

The story unfolds with a slow burn, raising questions about the nature of consciousness and living.

What is it to be alive? What is the definition of a family? Valente, and Seanan McGuire. The Parsec Awards are for best in speculative fiction podcasting. Both are from Angry Robot and edited by Lee Harris, and both are best categorised as science fiction.

It was published in 2 parts; here are the links to both:. I have also written reviews and participated in Mind Melds at the site. A reminder to folks that I want you to post only once, please.

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It makes it easier for the people reading, and also shows you know how to follow directions. The pro-rate fantasy zine I edit, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, published a bunch of great fantasy short fiction in In we published 55 original stories and 22 podcast episodes. It was published in Lacuna.

It was published in Interstellar Fiction and follows a man on the run from assassin priests in post-World War 3 Japan. It finished at Gone with the Wind length: 1, pages comprising , words. Read a dozen books about history of psychiatry. I write short stories and poetry. In the novels, life and death, fate and free will intersect with troubling implications. Campbell Best New Writer award. We cover TV, movies, books, comics, video games, and cultural topics. Obviously, my story also eligible for a Hugo, but I think all I can do there is suggest you read the anthology.

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In addition, this sale started my Campbell clock. Thank you very much for doing this. Thanks to our gracious host for this thread. The first three chapters are available at the link, and eligible nominators can contact me at cgerrib at comcast dot net for an electronic version of the work. Our host also allowed me to use one of his Big Idea slots to discuss the work. Eligible nominators can contact me at turkel. You can also buy it in print and ebook editions from Amazon. You can buy the anthology directly from the publisher in e- or print format, as well as from the major online distributors.