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A classic of young adult literature that helped form the genre, The Outsiders is the story of Ponyboy, Soda, Johnny; Cherry, Bob, Marcia—the Greasers and the Socs and their rumbles against each other. Capturing the violence in the contrast of social structures, S.

After years of work with Minnesota Public Radio, storyteller Leif Enger weaves together a beautiful expression of love. The novel follows a young family in a heroic trek to find their fugitive brother. Although none of the family finds what they expected, Enger blends faith and hope in a story of family, sacrifice, and religion. The writing is delightful and the story meaningful. In Depression-era Harveyville, Kansas, a group of women form the Persian Pickle Club, erstwhile quilting group turned sisterhood. The last novel that Jane Austen wrote is the story of Anne Elliot. At 19, Anne fell in love with a young naval officer, Frederick Wentworth.

When she accepted his proposal, however, her wealthy family thought he was beneath her and convinced her to break the engagement. Seven years later, the Elliot family has developed some financial troubles. Life in the small town of Holt, Colorado, rings true in this rich, unsentimental novel that explores both the complexities of the natural world and human interaction. A high school teacher struggles to raise his two boys and deal with his disintegrating marriage. His wife struggles with depression and the guilt she feels as she faces a future that might not include her husband and children.

The boys try to understand the pain and violence that accompanies their coming of age in the world. Two brothers live a solitary existence on their ranch, feeling more comfortable with cattle than people. Eventually, the struggles of a young pregnant teenager bring their stories together and testify of the power of community and human decency. Who would have thought that a madman in an insane asylum would have been one of the greatest contributors to the Oxford English Dictionary?

Although it sounds like fiction, the book it is a true story of the collaboration between the OED scholar James Murray and the incarcerated Dr. Minor an American Civil War surgeon. This amazing story is both tragic and inspirational—a tribute to the human spirit. Near the beginning of his memoir, novelist George MacDonald Fraser prepares readers that this is not a historical record of the Burma campaign of World War II; instead, it is the story of his experiences as he recalls them forty years later. Fraser was just 18 when he was sent to Burma, and that difference—an older, experienced author looking back and his young-adult experiences—creates a somehow familiar and comfortable story, even as Fraser discusses the atrocities of war.

Fraser uses his narrative skills to create the story of his war, bringing to life Calcutta, India, the Burmese jungle as clearly as his fellow soldiers. Everybody smiled.

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The scent of morning toast and jam, sunlight on trees in the afternoon, the way a summer evening cools with an unexpected breeze: all of the everyday sensory experience of living a human life are all around us, every day, and yet how often do we really take notice of them? Lainey never stops believing that her husband, Jay, will wake up, and to encourage him, every day she brings some small item to call him back to his life.

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Berg has a way of using story to examine the way difficult moments propel us to change, and she does so beautifully in this novel. When Alice Ozma was in fourth grade—the year her mother left—she and her father started a reading streak: every day, days in a row, he would read to her. When the days were up, they decided to continue, and they kept the reading streak alive until she left for college. As they worked their way through a huge variety of books, from Harry Potter to Shakespeare, their relationship grew and changed, but it stayed steady because of their tradition.

When she arrives at Manderley, the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter discovers not all is as expected. Attempting to establish her marriage and her place within the house, Mrs. Only when Maxim is able to tell his second wife the truths about his first can this gothic story come to its chilling fruition. During two decades — —the U.


Her writing is moving, powerful, and lyrical; it will leave you both heart-sore and hopeful. This quietly magnificent novel tells the story of Stevens, a Victorian butler born into the wrong era. That leaves Tilly with her mother and sister struggling to make ends meet. That is, until the elegant Delphine and her dark traveling companion arrive on a steamboat.

Rumors fly throughout the town about the odd couple, wondering if the companion is a slave and if the beautiful Delphine could be a Southern spy. The Pruits become entangled in the suspicion when they take the pair into their home. The result is a marvelous novel about the lasting influence one person can have on another.

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Then she is called on for an entirely different sort of nurturing. While it follows the usual Beauty-and-the-Beast plot line, Rose Daughter arrives at a very different thematic place, taking a thorny, magical, and slightly-edgy route to the resolution. Running is all I know, or want, or care about.

But when she loses her leg in an accident, her identity seems to be amputated as well. What is life worth to a person who lives to run but only has one leg?

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This moving true story will remind you of the power friendship has to overcome social boundaries and make both people stronger. When her mother Camille—former Onion Queen of , with a habit of standing in the street to blow kisses at passing cars—is killed, CeeCee Honeycutt is just about on her own. She whisks her great-niece off to live with her and her maid Oletta in Savannah. Under the care and laughter of her new-found family of southern women, CeeCee discovers that mothers can come in many forms. The seven students at St.

So they do what any clever girls would do: hide the bodies and carry on. This Victorian farce, a junior novel full of dark comedy, mystery, and cleverness, is a fun and fast-paced read. When the reader meets Mary, we can be forgiven for describing her as a brat. Tragedy followed by banishment to a neglected English estate does nothing to improve her character.

It will take an equally unpleasant cousin, a young laborer, and a hidden garden to bring happiness the many unhappy characters in this novel. A childhood classic that deserves a re-reading by any adult. Kate Morton is the queen of atmospheric, compelling novels that revolve around secrets, and The Secret Keeper is no exception. Avoiding her siblings by hiding in a tree house during a family party, year-old Laurel witnesses her mother kill a man who appears to be an intruder.

But fifty years later, when she is an accomplished actress and her mother is near death, Laurel rediscovers questions she has about what she witnessed. A mystery set within a history within an epic family saga, The Secret Keeper explores how ambitions and hopes shape a myriad of lives. With the backdrop of Civil Rights transition occurring around them, the greatest change takes place in Lily and Rosaleen as they discover much more than they expected about love, friendship, and family.

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During the summer session at Devon, a private school in New England, two teenage boys begin a friendship that will illuminate and influence the rest of their lives. World War II is looming; roommates Finny and Gene, however, experience it only as a background shadow to their summer term. They develop a ritual of jumping off a tree into the river below, but when Finny is hurt, the repercussions spread deeply into the rest of the school year.

As they navigate their friendship, the boys begin to learn adult truths about rivalry, envy, individuality, and the depths and limitations of human kindness. Chloe, Serena, and Xinot live on a rocky island, spinning the lives of humanity without fanfare or drama, until a beautiful girl finds her way to their home. As this beautiful, lyrical and heartbreaking story moves towards its conclusion, the Fates themselves will be forced to learn the burden of—and the meaning behind—human suffering. Here, he again gathers poems, but this time as examples.

Whether you are a writer of poetry or a reader, a poetry expert or novice, this book will introduce you to accessible poems that act both as literary works and as examples of writing possibilities. When she receives the news that her sister, Tess, has committed suicide, Beatrice Hemming flies home to London. This is a mystery novel that reads like a gothic thriller; creepy, intriguing, and puzzling, it raises hackles and inspires chills. But at its heart it is much more than a whodunit.

It is, ultimately, a novel about families and sisterhood that happens to include a murder. And the ending? Well, the ending comes as a thing both unanticipated and perfectly foreshadowed in the story. And true—always truthful. Sad because, except for one stillborn, they never were able to have children, and all of the family reminders around them the nieces and nephews, the new babies, the excited couples marrying were just too much. Of course, life in Alaska is hardly easy either, with the short growing season, fierce winters, and isolation.

But then, one night of clean snow and happiness, Jack and Mabel build a snow girl, dress her with mittens, a hat, and a scarf. In the morning, they wake to find the knitted clothing gone and a dead rabbit next to the decimated snow girl.