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GC - Gas Chromatography - Split & splitless injection Animation HD

Both types of capillary column are more efficient than packed columns. These have much thinner walls than the glass capillary columns, and are given strength by the polyimide coating. These columns are flexible and can be wound into coils.

Gas Chromatography

They have the advantages of physical strength, flexibility and low reactivity. For precise work, column temperature must be controlled to within tenths of a degree.

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The optimum column temperature is dependant upon the boiling point of the sample. As a rule of thumb, a temperature slightly above the average boiling point of the sample results in an elution time of 2 - 30 minutes.

Minimal temperatures give good resolution, but increase elution times. If a sample has a wide boiling range, then temperature programming can be useful. The column temperature is increased either continuously or in steps as separation proceeds. There are many detectors which can be used in gas chromatography.

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Different detectors will give different types of selectivity. A non-selective detector responds to all compounds except the carrier gas, a selective detector responds to a range of compounds with a common physical or chemical property and a specific detector responds to a single chemical compound. Detectors can also be grouped into concentration dependant detectors and mass flow dependant detectors.

The signal from a concentration dependant detector is related to the concentration of solute in the detector, and does not usually destroy the sample Dilution of with make-up gas will lower the detectors response. Mass flow dependant detectors usually destroy the sample, and the signal is related to the rate at which solute molecules enter the detector.

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Description Overview: This course provides the student with a solid understanding of required maintenance of the Gas Chromatography GC system and basic troubleshooting strategies.