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But here's a secret: visiting in the summer might very well be your ticket to vacation utopia. You'll score serious lodging deals, avoid the crowds, and make the best of some equally enticing outdoor activities sans snow boots and endless layers! Read on for our favorite small mountain towns in America—which offer up art fairs, serious eats, and fantastic festivals, and more in the summer months—and find out how to experience them like a local. Also not to be missed: The Front Street Arts and Crafts Show will be held in Dillsboro this June, bringing together 40 regional artisans, potters, crafters, and more.

You already had Colorado on your winter bucket list, but did you know it really shines in the summer? Adventure junkies will enjoy fly fishing or whitewater rafting, while artsy types can enjoy festivals, concerts, and galleries. This summer also marks the 44th anniversary of the Snowmass Rodeo , so don't miss the weekly Wednesday events, live music, barbecue, and calf ropin' for kids.

For more information, visit dahlonega. Ford Amphitheater. Then, treat yourself to grub at Moe's Original BBQ , where ordering just one banana pudding is about ten too few. For more information, visit vail. It's time to put this charming town to your travel radar.

Nestled in the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania Columbus, Ohio, is three hours away , it's hard not to fall in love with the people and pace of life here. Bluegrass reigns in the area, so if you can plan your vacation around the Laurel Highlands Bluegrass Festival this June, you won't be disappointed. We may have to buy a condo here to accommodate all of our new loot. Bachelor , where a breathtaking chairlift ride in the summer will drop you off at 8, feet for lunch or a sunset dinner. When the food coma sinks in, you'll be grateful you're staying on the property that houses the restaurant, the ever-tranquil Shore Lodge.

When West Virginia calls, heed its siren! This summer, you'll also want to pack your picnic blanket and set up shop at The Ivy Terrace Concert Series , held the second and last Thursday of the month, June through August.

This San Diego-area mountain town was a key player in the western Gold Rush. Nowadays, it maintains its old-fashioned charm with traditional architecture, antique stores, apple pie shops, and horse-drawn carriages on its historic Main Street. Continue channeling that old-timey spirit by touring apple orchards and taking a mining tour with Eagle Mining Co.

The craftsmanship of the Roman artists is truly effective and it can be experienced from their effort. Gaziantep, also known as Antep, is the Gastronomy City of Turkey. With its rich retained history, welcoming people and lip-smacking food, Gaziantep will surely woo you in every manner. The Pistachio Coffee and Cheesecake Pistachio are an ultimate exception. The artworks of the city are made with very intricate details that it is just overwhelming.

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A marvelous castle is also situated at the heart of the city. Pergamum is an ancient city located near Izmir. Pergamum with its ancient temples, theatres, library, cultural heritage is still a rich and important city. The city is located above to the Bakircay plain located in the Aegean region of the country. The place is spread from the Sinope in the West to the Georgia in the East, and is the largest city in the entire Eastern Karadeniz region of the country.

The covered area is approximately square kms and is nestled amongst the mighty mountains, greenery, forests, rivers and every beautiful creation of nature. Trabzon is also famous for its fish and soccer team. Locally known as the Milli Park, it features mountainous terrain and beaches for hiking, swimming, and other recreation. Sprawled over an area of hectares, the National Park features a variety of beautiful types of flowers, species of birds and wild animals around.

Once you are in Turkey, you should visit Istanbul for its history and tradition. Basilica Cistern in Istanbul is one of the biggest Byzantine Cistern of the country. It was built in AD. While you are here, you will be amazed by the depth and conception of the place.

Top 10 best towns in Colorado. These are the best places to live.

This is the place in Turkey which is often overlooked by the tourists who come to visit the country. Visit the ancient city of Soli Pompeiopolis or get amazed by the Mamure Castle, you can explore history once again once you are here. When you are travelling in different countries, you can get closer to the Turkish culture.

And to experience the culture, you need to taste the local cuisine. And to taste the best quality local food, you can head towards 7 Mehmet Restaurant. For the locals, they can enjoy their home food here.

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And if you want to get taste of local cuisine, visit here. If you get to know that you can take a bath in the same pool where Queen Cleopatra did, how do you feel? Yes, that you can experience in this pool. This pool is really ancient while you can also get the modern facility of spa and other things. Bursa or Yesil Bursa is famous tourist destination is Turkey which is popular among the travellers for the beautiful parks and mountains around and within it.

In ancient era, this city was the capital of the Ottoman state and now it is the industrial hub of the country. If you are visiting the city during the winter season, go to experience it in the ski resort of Mount Uludag.

We surveyed 34,000 city-dwellers to rank the best cities in the world right now. Ready?

You can even visit here during summer as the mountain prevents the hot wind and you can enjoy your holidays. Turkey is the country of marvels. There are lots of cities which are full of amusements and Izmir is one of those places. The neoclassical style of buildings is really awesome to visit the architecture.

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You will be amazed by the beautiful sculptures of the rooms in this museum. As a tourist you will definitely buy something for yourself and your friends and family members as memoirs. Visit the old silk market where you can find top quality scarves, fabric and different other types of accessories. This place is a must visit for tourists. This is a miniature park present in the north-eastern shore of the Golden Horn. The area covered by this miniature park is about , sq ft and it opened to the public in Tourists need to visit this museum to see the historical Byzantine mosaics and frescoes that line the walls.

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These are some of the best pieces of art hailing for Christianity and now everyone can see it as it was turned into a museum and the walls were restored diligently. The top of it is cone shaped and the tower is nine stories high. People who are interested can climb it and sit at the restaurant to get a spectacular view of the city of Istanbul and the Bosporus. When you are visiting Kusadasi you cannot miss out on this beautiful castle which sits on top of the island.

It was mainly used as a fort which helped the Ottomans to keep away from the enemies.

You can have a serene day out there enjoying the view of the ocean. You cannot miss out on this lovely national park because of its beautiful setting and its importance to the country as a whole. It mainly lies in the middle of the towns of Kusadasi and Soke. Enjoy your stay at the park where you can even camp and along with that take in the spectacular sea beaches present inside the area of the national park. You can only find it in ruins at this location.

But this it is a fortune to have a look at this historic place which is regarded as one of the seven wonders present in the Ancient world. When you are visiting a country it is pretty important to know about its architecture. The archaeological museum in Izmir gives you a glimpse into the world of the architecture that existed in Turkey through several periods. This site is specially for people interested in history and art of making buildings.

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If you are someone who truly likes art and appreciates them, then you have to visit this art centre present in the city of Izmir. You will be thrilled to see the many international pieces of art displayed in the different exhibitions. Roam through all the 9 rooms to discover the beauty of this former French Honorary Consulate Building.